jeudi 29 octobre 2009

Coolest Policeman ever took illegal pics of mummies for Me

Yesterday I went to the Monasterio de Los Carmel, an amazing XIX century little sanctuary , well known for his garden ... and his crypt full of mummies ! They have been found during the revolution time by zappatists looking for treasure. Instead they found twelves scary corpses, which have been dried by the specific constittution of the ground... Estimated 300 years old , the mummies are visible in clear coffin but cant be photographed ... I was a bit disappointed but still really enthousiastic... I start to talk a bit with the policeman supposed to guard them , asking him about how it feels to work in a crypt and peoples reactions ( some of them are really scary, have eyes and mouth open) ... Making buddy buddy with him , I told him my desire to take them in pictures, but the guardians took all my photo gear at the entrance. " Oh , if you want I can take pics for you withh my cellphone and send them to you by e mail !" Checking if his collegues where far away anought, Sergent Badass start to take them one by one for me , finalising his report by a curious portrait of me and the creepiest one ... Then he show me a some private places like the little boneyard and the chapel and took some more pics of the sacristy... saying to the ohter police dude " She is an art historian doing research, she came from France to se the monastry, blablablah"

ah ah ah , It was great !

lundi 26 octobre 2009

Mexican hero of the day III - Jesus Malverde

Funky badass Jesus Malverde is the "narco-saint", is a folklore hero in the Mexican state of Sinaloa. He is celebrated as a folk saint by some in Mexico and the United States, particularly among those involved in drug trafficking.

The existence of Malverde a.k.a. 'El Rey Guei de Sinaloa' is not historically verified,[2] but according to local legends he was a bandit killed by the authorities on May 3 1909. Accounts of his life vary – sometimes he was a railway worker, while others claim he was a construction worker. There is also no agreement on the way he died, being variously hung or shot. Moreover, The tree where he was hung dried and never was green again.
Since Malverde's death, he has earned a Robin Hood-type image, making him popular among Sinaloa's poor highland residents. The outlaw image has caused him to be adopted as the "patron saint" of the region's illegal drug trade, and the press have thus dubbed him "the narco-saint."[3] However, his intercession is also sought by those with troubles of various kinds, and a number of supposed miracles have been locally attributed to him, including personal healings and blessings.

Spiritual supplies featuring the visage of Jesús Malverde are available in the United States as well as in Mexico. They include candles, anointing oils, incense, sachet powders, bath crystals, soap and lithographed prints suitable for framing.

thanks a lot wikipedia

Idyllic Winter Garden

Blooody christ !

In research Im doing about the origins of Alarma! newspapers, I found out that colonialist christianism and its bloody martyr iconography was maybe responsible for mexican gore fascination ... Last week I made a little round in the center of the city , looking for Holy Blood ... I guess I was write ...

Museum of Medecin II

more more more !!!

Museum of Medecin

Located in which was before the Inquisition palace, the museum of medecin is an amazing collection of uncanny beauties.... Enjoy !

Mannequins tender spooning

vendredi 23 octobre 2009

Santa Muerte Cult I

Here she come !

Article under construction !
for the moment , read that :
Santa Muerte is a deity or saint-like figure worshiped or venerated in Mexico, probably a syncretism between Mesoamerican and Catholic beliefs. The name literally translates to “Saint Death.”[1] Mexican culture since pre-Hispanic times has always maintained a certain reverence towards death,[2] which can be seen in the widespread Mexican celebration of the syncretic Day of the Dead.[3] Catholic elements of that celebration include the use of skeletons to remind people of their mortality.[4]
Santa Muerte generally appears as a skeletal figure, clad in a long robe and carrying one or more objects, usually a scythe and a globe. The clothing is most often a white robe, but images of the figure vary widely from person to person and according to the rite being performed or the petition of the devotee.[5] As the worship of this deity was clandestine until recently, most prayers and other rites are done privately in the home. However, for the past ten years or so, worship has become more public, especially in Mexico City.[4][6] The cult is condemned by the Catholic Church in Mexico, but it is firmly entrenched among Mexico’s lower classes and criminal worlds.[1] The number of believers in the deity has grown over the past ten to twenty years, to approximately two million followers in Mexico[2] and has crossed the border into Mexican communities in the United States.
merci wikiped¡a


Vitamin C(ubrick)

Next Time Ill try to have a pics of the waitress who were not as decadent as the movie....

Crazy monster driving truck

Thursday morning promenade... I saw a weird little pervert character doing obsene propositions to me ...
...hum ...
Hopefully the pics doesn show what those green hairy hands are frotting..

mercredi 21 octobre 2009

Holy food

In Mexico city, 90% of the population believe in God, good argument for food processing to use catholic iconography to sell more ....

San Jose, patron saint of starchy food, luscious nuns to sell chocolate , and the best ... no comment...

The creepiest wig shop I ever seen

It looks like a "daymare"

Metro station pharmacy

Mexican Physiotherapy serving sexual daily problems.... Your can find those little shop everywere in the Transport services....

It's says : Natural Viagra - to have more erection before sexual activity ( Special diabetic )

Vig-size : help you to devellop the bust volume

Sensation spray : keep the penis erected and for long
Virgin Woman : Increase Passion and tighten the vagina !

1) Decorated child skull - Offering to Huitzoloptchli, God of War
2 ) Sculpure reprensenting high priest of Aztec death cult
3) Maya ceremonial Jade mask and necklaces
4) Maya skeleton

Pot Pourrit from the Marvelous Antropologye Museum

Here you can see :
1) sculptures of Huitzilopochtli and Camaxtli, gods of war, piercing there ears with knife. This bucket of stone is actualy supposed to receive blood from human sacrifices.
2) This is a piece of Teotihuacan polychrom pyramid dedicated to Qetzacoatl, feathered snake deity.
3) Aztec skull sculpture associated to Sun Worshiping,
4) Little Toltec mud figure,
5)Toltec mask symbolizing life and death duality