jeudi 29 octobre 2009

Coolest Policeman ever took illegal pics of mummies for Me

Yesterday I went to the Monasterio de Los Carmel, an amazing XIX century little sanctuary , well known for his garden ... and his crypt full of mummies ! They have been found during the revolution time by zappatists looking for treasure. Instead they found twelves scary corpses, which have been dried by the specific constittution of the ground... Estimated 300 years old , the mummies are visible in clear coffin but cant be photographed ... I was a bit disappointed but still really enthousiastic... I start to talk a bit with the policeman supposed to guard them , asking him about how it feels to work in a crypt and peoples reactions ( some of them are really scary, have eyes and mouth open) ... Making buddy buddy with him , I told him my desire to take them in pictures, but the guardians took all my photo gear at the entrance. " Oh , if you want I can take pics for you withh my cellphone and send them to you by e mail !" Checking if his collegues where far away anought, Sergent Badass start to take them one by one for me , finalising his report by a curious portrait of me and the creepiest one ... Then he show me a some private places like the little boneyard and the chapel and took some more pics of the sacristy... saying to the ohter police dude " She is an art historian doing research, she came from France to se the monastry, blablablah"

ah ah ah , It was great !

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