lundi 30 novembre 2009

Mummies III : Angelitos

Mummies II

Mummies !

Surrealist Square Room

Surprise at the Internet cafe

That what the customer before was looking through ...

Gustave tell the famous Monty Pythons Killing jokes to Guanajuato Mummies

Dead , sleepy or borracho ?

Guanajuato - Escher city

Here Im since one day , in this labyrintic pueblo, chasing momies and death as usual.

- Escheresque architecture
- Stucked with the microbus in one of the underground street

Torture Museum in Mexico - Inquisition special

Mexican old porn

San Judas Tadeo en Promenade

Every 28th of the month, Mexicans go out with there St Judas scultupres , all dressed in green and yellow and give the saint a walk in the middle of the City.

Some snap shots of the catholic traffic jam

Outdoor Lucha Libre

Batcave club im Mexico II

- Batcave misfit
- Nihilist Blablablah
- Dancing with oneself
- Nosferatu good old expressionist goth clichet fuch I love it
- Black nails/Striped pants = modern people

Batcave club im Mexico

- Gurdjeff/ SuicideGirl fridge
- Anonymous Spanish punk ( a bit drunk)
- The bat celling
- Wasted youth I
- Wasted Youth II

Find what´s wrong in this picture

Jesus Malverde Night Bar

Oh god ! This Patron Saint of the narco traficante is such an Idol . He's got is own bar with bust of him everywere and a all army of mini toy luchadors on his side.... Ambasador of Kitsch, with both hands full of dollares ... and what a moustache ....

Lucha Libre curiosity : The Swastika catch

I fing that in a lucha libre magazin last week ....

Frida Kahlo ´s Monsters collection + Late Dia de los Muertos Offering in The Casa Azul (Frida´s House)