lundi 30 novembre 2009

Museum of Death

I thought the Wellcome iondation in London was my favortite museum in the world. I was wrong ...

J.D an his wife Cathyhave the hugest collection of creepy stuff down there as :

- Embalming video
- Henry Landru momified head
- Vincent Price " How to make shrunken head out of apples" playset
- pickeld animals
- Aleister Crowley´s painting
- Original pictures of Kenneth Anger's Hollywood Babylon
- Janes Mansfields ´stuffed Shiwawa
- A huge amont of murderabillia s stuff from Manson, Ramirez, Gacy and so on..

Needless to say that I squated the museum each days I was in LA, I also borrow the coffin of the dog to sleep the other night.

Thanks a lot for the hospitality !

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