lundi 14 décembre 2009

Isla de los Munecas - Dead Dolls Island - Ut Macabro Poesis

On a small Island on Teshuilo Lake, 3 Yound girls were playing in the area when one drowned. The area become knowed as an haunted spot and few trespassed on the land. A loner by the name of Julian Santana chose the place to live and honored the child spirit who haunt the area with dolls. Often , Santana would find old discarded dolls to bring to the island as an offering. The dolls , tied to trees , in addition to a special alter he constructed for the child , became known by locals. Few years ago Monsieur Santana died from an heart attack in the exact same spot were the little girl have been found dead. Here some photos of what is maybe my best souvenir from Mexico. A journey into macabre and pure surrealist poesie.

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