dimanche 6 décembre 2009

Laetitia's Breafast Autopsy - On est bien peu de choses

Puebla morgue : Today I assist for the first time, in flesh and bones to the autopsy of a 50 years old man. A car crash. Skull smashed in the right side. He had hematomes in both eyes , who give him a panda look. He was peacefull. even when the doctors were a bit rude with him. First they scalp him and mask his eyes with his bow skin to free the ancephal. The doctor jigsaw his cranian bone , and with a T tool, open it , like a soda can. - Pop - the sound was as good as expected. They put out a big red brain - actually more red than in Lloyd Kaufman movies - Took Picture - They open his abdomen with a bistouri. As he was a bit fat , his tummy split up really quick. They saw his ribs, I saw his black lungs - a smocker - another picture - With a knife they look for the digestive tubs - clic - another pics - the doctor pierce a big intestine bubble with the scalpel - all the tubes sag like a afterparty luftballoon. The liquide inside was black brown - like a coffee and feces mix. Then one of the guy put both his hands in the guts and came back with a purplish kidney, cut it in the center like I cut brötchen for breakfast - another pics. Then they leave him alone for few minutes. The man was still blinded by his scalp forskin.

It was the end

One man came back and began the last sewing process - the best part - the more crafty.

First the head - replace the brain back - skull bone - start to sew -

because of the cranian troma, little pieces of explosed cerebrum were left on the table.

Then the thorax - plexus back like a the missing last piece of a puzzle - and from the up abdomen to the pubis, sewing point with a giant S iron needle.

After that , the man covered the dead with some thin white clothe. thats all folks

during all this time, I didnt noticed that another tiny corpse was also hidding under a fabric. A drowned 2 years old baby. His grand father came later in the afternoon to identify the corpse. This was one of the most saddest thing Ive ever seen. My daily life against the most dreadfull day of his.

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